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LIONFISH: From Rhode Island to Venezuela, venomous lionfish are invading the Atlantic Ocean, wreaking havoc on native colonies of coral reef fish and disrupting local food chains. From high-tech robotics and deep-sea science to haute cuisine and oceanic sport, “Lionfish: From Predator to Plate” tells the story of the innovative solutions being developed to combat the spread of this invasive species. The film culminates with 11th Hour Racing’s #EatLionfish Chefs’ Throwdown with viewers joining six America’s Cup sailing teams and six “top chefs” from around the world, as they gather in Bermuda for a cooking competition designed to transform lionfish into an enticing and sustainable seafood choice for menus worldwide. Filmed entirely in Bermuda, “Lionfish: From Predator to Plate” debuted at the Bermuda International Film Festival on March 24th, 2018. This engaging story shares how different communities have come together to tackle ocean restoration in an innovative, and delicious, new way!

SMOG OF THE SEA: The Smog of the Sea chronicles a 1-week journey through the remote waters of the Sargasso Sea. Marine scientist Marcus Eriksen invited onboard an unusual crew to help him study the sea: renowned surfers Keith & Dan Malloy, musician Jack Johnson, spearfisher woman Kimi Werner, and bodysurfer Mark Cunningham become citizen scientists on a mission to assess the fate of plastics in the world’s oceans.

After years of hearing about the famous garbage patches in the ocean’s gyres, the crew is stunned to learn that the patches are a myth: the waters stretching to the horizon are clear blue, with no islands of trash in sight. But as the crew sieves the water and sorts through their haul, a more disturbing reality sets in: a fog of microplastics permeates the world’s oceans, trillions of nearly invisible plastic shards making their way up the marine food chain. You can clean up a garbage patch, but how do you stop a fog? Run time: 30 minutes

HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD from BLUE: Filmed around the world, BLUE tells the story about the changes that are happening to our ocean and its marine life. It follows the lives of ordinary people doing extraordinary work to protect our ocean. Beautifully crafted, BLUE is deeply moving with a message that’s very clear: we need to act NOW to protect our most precious resource. The film is a call to arms focusing on people power. Run time: 3 minutes

STRAWS: With colorful straw history animation narrated by Oscar winner Tim Robbins, STRAWS leaves audiences with a clear understanding of the problems caused by plastic pollution and empowers individuals to be part of the solution.

It’s estimated every day 500,000,000+ plastic straws are used once and tossed in the U.S. alone. Ocean Conservancy ranks straws as the #5 most found litter item on beaches. They’re non-recyclable, so they wind up in landfills, litter streets and add to the estimated 8.5 million metric tons of plastic debris in oceans annually.

Daily screenings of newportFILM’s curated selection of “One Ocean Shorts” during the Volvo Ocean Race Newport Stopover at Fort Adams, May 12 – May 20!

Screening schedule:
Weekends (May 12 – 13 / May 19 – 20): 11 am, 1:00, 3:00 + 5:00 pm
Weekdays (May 14 – 17): 10 am, 12:00 + 5:00 pm

Admission to the Volvo Ocean Race Newport Stopover is free and RSVPs are not required for films.

Film screenings are inside Fort Adams, indoors in the north casemates (near the One Ocean Exploration Zone)

Run time: 16 - 30 min
Directors: Lionfish: Rian DeVos, Smog of the Sea: Ian Cheney, Straws: Linda Booker, How to Change the World from Blue: Karina Holden,
Producers: Lionfish: 11th Hour Racing, Smog of the Sea: Kizzy O'Neal, How to Change the World from Blue: Sue Clothier, Karina Holden, Sarah Beard,
One Ocean Shorts
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