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Marilyn Monroe invented her public persona at the expense of concealing a private side known only to her close confidants. Fifty years after her death, her creation still blazes brightly in our cultural imagination, while the creator continues to lurk in the shadows. Drawing on never-before-seen personal papers, diaries and letters, Academy-award nominated director Liz Garbus (Bobby Fischer Against The World, The Farm: Angola, USA) works with acclaimed actresses to evoke the multiple aspects of the real Marilyn – passion, ambition, soul-searching, power and fear – in an absorbing and astonishing portrait. These documents, brought to life in this film by some of our contemporary icons and stars, give us a new and revelatory understanding of Monroe, revealing her carefully guarded inner life.

TWO special valentine’s day screenings! films begin at 6:30pm & 8:45pm – you pick! Adam Braver, author of the new Marilyn Monroe novel, “Misfit” will be in attendance to introduce each film. college student $5 admittance at the door with student ID. **DINNER and a movie! book your valentine’s dinner at chrsitie’s restaurant and receive a complimentary bottle of wine with purchase of 2 entrees, just mention you are going to the film (401-847-5400)**

Run time: USA / 105 min / NR
Director: Liz Garbus
Cast: Elizabeth Banks, Lindsay Lohan, Evan Rachel Wood, Ben Foster, Uma Thurman, Paul Giamatti, Viola Davis, Jeremy Piven, Ellen Burstyn, Adrien Brody, Marisa Tomei and Glenn Close
Love, Marilyn
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Liz Garbus' documentary Love, Marilyn is a heartfelt and well-intentioned love letter to an already deeply beloved star, and for anyone who's still not convinced, the picture works hard to make the case for Monroe's gifts as an actress.


This slick documentary is a respectful love letter to Monroe, presented here as a sexpot, feminist and Tennessee Williams heroine come to life, noble in her respect and need for a sensitive, considerate humanity.

New York Times

The script mainly draws from unpublished material discovered in recent years, allowing Love, Marilyn to move beyond the speculative arena and investigate Monroe's character through her own private lens.


'Love, Marilyn' is a miracle of a documentary that lets us see who Marilyn Monroe really was.

Entertainment Weekly

Love, Marilyn made me appreciate the tragedy of her death more than anything else I've ever come across, and it deserves to be seen and recognized.

The Hollywood Reporter

Monroe emerges as a painfully self-aware and motivated performer who craved achievement as much as fame yet understood the value of her sexual allure, which she donned like a mask... Monroe's intimate voice, rescued from the screenplays and the junkets, is a revelation.

The New Yorker

a captivating and highly personal retelling of a story we thought we already knew.

If there’s any film to make you appreciate [Marilyn's] allure, this is it.

The Globe and Mail

A heady cocktail of journalistic rigor and show business flair...just right for its blazingly famous, endlessly enigmatic subject.

New York Times

One of the most skillful and entertaining summaries of Marilyn’s endlessly fascinating rise and fall.