Written by avid picnic-er, filmgoer & awesome 15 year-old summer intern, Ainsley, here are her top 10 things to bring to one of our outdoor movies this summer!


1. Your Bike

Biking to an outdoor screening kills two birds with one stone; you get some exercise and you don’t have to waste gas or find parking. You can even valet your bike for free courtesy of Bike Newport! I guess that’s three birds…


2. Blankets

Whether you want to sit on them, warm up in them, or snuggle on them, blankets are a must-have for a cool summer evening under the stars.


3. Friends

Everything is more fun when you’re with friends! Especially when they are there to laugh, snack, and delight on a film under the stars with you. Plus, they are great at keeping you warm.


4. Snacks

Pack a picnic with your favorite summer snacks or grab a twilight treat from one of our on-site food vendors – a burrito from Tallulah’s Taco Cart or cheese plate from Le Petit Gourmet. Whichever suits your foodie fancy.


5. Lemonade

Nothing beats a sweet, refreshing lemonade when you’re enjoying a night outdoors with good company.


6. Your Smart Phone

Once your spot is staked out, snacks are in action and the movie starts rolling, you will want to capture the moment and share with your friends on facebook, twitter or instagram. Use #newportFILMoutdoors and show them what they’re missing.


7. Layers

If the Newport fog rolls in, you don’t want to be caught in the cold with only a t-shirt on. Always pack a sweater, fleece or a toasty scarf to keep the cool breeze at bay.


8. Fold-up Chairs

You don’t need a super fancy fold-up chair, but if lots of people are trying to watch the film (which there often are), having a good seat is key. Even a stack of pillows can enhance your viewing. *No chairs allowed at the ITHF Grass Courts!


9. newportFILM Merchandise

Tote your belongings in a cool newportFILM baggu bag or sport your support with a newportFILM t-shirt or hat. If you don’t already have awesome newportFILM swag, make sure to pick some up under the newportFILM tent!


10. Your Camera

Don’t miss out on capturing the memories and good vibes you will want to keep forever! Though it’s highly doubtful you will forget the best nights of your summer.