“Cities are the physical manifestation of very powerful forces: economic forces, social forces, and environmental forces,” according to Bruce Katz, metropolitan planning expert (and Brown graduate) in the film ‘Urbanized.’ Aquidneck Island’s cities and towns are no exception, and through the lens of filmmaker Gary Hustwit one can reflect on how urban design can interact with these forces to make charismatic places or soul-crushing places. ‘Urbanized’ completes Director Gary Hustwit’s trilogy of design documentaries that started with ‘Helvetica’ and ‘Objectified’.

Looking at the intricate dance between communities and urban designers, perhaps the most democratic of the design fields, Hustwit goes around the world to see why some urban spaces are innovative, inspiring and imminently livable, and others are impersonal, dysfunctional and disconnected from the people who live and work there. From the High Line in New York to bikeways in Bogota, Hustwit presents urban solutions that typically have a high degree of community engagement. In building upon our mission of collaborating with amazing community efforts, we are excited to present ‘Urbanized’ Sponsored by the van Beuren Charitable Foundation and in Partnership with the Newport Architectural Forum and the City of Newport.

Following the 5:30pm film, enjoy light food, cocktails, and mingle with many great city and community leaders as we work together to ensure that this wonderful island is just as exceptional for the next generation to live, work and play.

Just some of the collaborating organizations in attendance… Alliance for a Livable Newport, Aquidneck Island Planning Commission, Chris Witt Aquidneck Land Trust, Ted Clement Bike Newport, Bari George City of Newport, Paige Bronk Energy & Environment Commission, Doug Sabetti Friends of the Waterfront, Jim Perrier Newport Architectural Forum, Ross Cann Newport Housing Authority, Jim Reed Newport in Bloom, Nikki Vazquez The Newport Tree Society, Lilly Dick RIPTA, Mark Therrien Washington Square Roots, Liz Drayton

Open to the public. Tickets are $10 at www.newportFILM.com or at the door.