it’s a little bit cold… okay, so maybe it felt like we decided to keep our newportFILM OUTDOORS program going through november… but it is lovely. and historic. and special. and blankies are cozy while watching a movie, right?  kind of like watching a movie in bed, but not. freezing or not, we had a wonderful november mini-fest at the jane pickens theater! spectacular and inspiring films, super audiences, YUMMY food from SALVATION CAFE and wine from newport wine cellars. anyways, we hear the romantic days of snuggling up under the covers at the jane pickens are almost over… full heating system in place in less than 2 weeks!

many thanks to kathy staab for keeping it all going. to those of you who have already entered off-season hybernation mode, you missed out!  we’re hoping cabin fever will have the best of you by january and we’ll see you at the next mini-fest! 

january 13 & 14, back to the casino theater with more great film programs, speakers and a friend-raiser party at 41North – all just a few more chilly months away… check out some photos from friday night and stay cozy!