movies are a rare experiential thing that can stir thoughts and emotions long forgotten, for just the right amount of time.  unlike life’s other experiences, we get to discard these if the emotion is too dark, or experience them again if they make us feel good. 

movies have the power awaken, scare, embold and activate us.  they are an escape, a pleasure, a time to disconnect from our own worries and to connect with others’.  a movie can treat us to idealism, horror, romance, violence and love all in one sitting. they can travel us to other lands, eras and cultures, without having to move a muscle.

movies sometimes educate us, sometimes enrage us and sometimes just give us an okay reason to “check out.”  they can bring us to tears – both joyous and desperate.  they can get us dreaming again…

the movies we are seeing this week are doing ALL of this for us.

movies are a gift. 

sundance is a gift.

we look forward to bringing a sampling of these gifts home to the ready minds of the people of little rhody. stay tuned…