This fall, newportFILM launched our first season-long, in-school documentary film program with the East Bay MET School in Newport. We picked a range of our best, most fitting docs to show the students throughout the trimester including Gregory Crewdson: Brief EncountersEndless Abilities, North of The Sun, a variety of short documentaries & more.

One assignment was for the students to create a series of photos in the style of Gregory Crewdson after watching the film Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters (which was screened at newportFILM Oiutdoors summer of 2013 on the lawn of Newport Art Museum). A MET School photography student, Matthew Fratiello, really showed his passion for the project and shot this incredible series of photos.

Take a scroll through his work & enjoy!

Find more from Matthew on instagram account at @MatthewFratiello.

Please see captions: The first 16 photos in this series are shot by student Matthew Fratiello, the last 7 are by photographer Gregory Crewdson.