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  • food vendors on-site
  • live music
  • picnics allowed


An inspired, genre-twisting film, Oscar®-nominated writer/director Sarah Polley discovers that the truth depends on who’s telling it. Polley is both filmmaker and detective as she investigates the secrets behind a family of storytellers. She playfully interrogates a cast of characters of varying reliability, eliciting refreshingly candid, yet mostly contradictory, answers to the same questions. As each relates their version of the family mythology, present-day recollections shift into nostalgia-tinged glimpses of a lively, fun-loving past and the shadows just beneath. Polley unravels the paradoxes to reveal the essence of family: a messy, intense and loving tangle of contradictions.Stories We Tell explores the elusive nature of truth and memory, but at its core is a deeply personal film about how our narratives shape and define us as individuals and families, all interconnecting to paint a profound, funny and poignant picture of the larger human story.


Film begins at sunset (approx. 8:15pm)

Suggested donation: $5/person

Rain venue: Casino Theater, 9 Freebody Street

Run time: USA / 108 min / PG-13
Director: Sarah Polley
Stories We Tell
This is a past event

“This is one of the boldest and most exciting films I’ve seen in the last six months, and the kind of experience that has the power to alter your perception of the world.” / New York Times

"A joy. Sarah Polley has a gripping tale to tell: a portrait of a marriage that is full of richness, tenderness and emotional complexity. Fascinating and poignant, it's a great pleasure to watch." / The Guardian

"Playfully complex and gently slippery analysis of memory and personal narrative." / The Hollywood Reporter

"'Stories We Tell' is a fluid, engaging memoir by virtue of its construction."  / IndieWire

Alternately playful and elegiac. Watching this loving brood gradually peeling back on their non

nuclear roots is profoundly moving to witness." / Variety

"In a word: Wow. Extraordinary in every way. One of the best films of the year." / Toronto Star

"Probing, emotionally devastating. A poignant experience... the full story shouldn't be revealed... filmgoers deserve to experience the tale as Polley unfolds it. Audiences will tell and retell this touching story. Polley has transformed the secrets and lies of her oen life into glowing artistic truth." / TIME Magazine

"Stories We Tell is a movie you will want to see several times. It seems like a regular documentary, but by the end of the film the doctrine and purity of ‘documentary’ has disappeared. This is in every sense a ‘story film’ and a great one, that lives up to the Neruda quoted in it: ‘Love is so short, Forgetting is so long.’" / The Guardian UK

"A REMARKABLE MOVIE... Must be seen to be believed." / A.O. Scott, The New York Times

"A TRIUMPH. An intimate meditation on family, memory, truth, love, fidelity." / Steven Rea, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"A REVELATION. Sarah Polley has transformed the secrets and lies of her own life into glowing artistic truth." / Mary Corliss, Time

"A REVELATION. Sarah Polley has transformed the secrets and lies of her own life into glowing artistic truth." / Mary Corliss, Time

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