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In Soldier On: Life After Deployment, three women – Natasha Young, Amanda Tejada and Lyndsey Lyons – confront the challenges of readjusting to civilian life after their post-9/11 military service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Once back in the United States, the women cope with the disintegration of their relationships, alcohol and substance abuse, depression, health problems, military sexual trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and employment difficulties.

Soldier On presents these women’s compelling and illuminating stories in the context of a civilian population that has little appreciation for the experiences and sacrifices of female veterans. Natasha, Amanda and Lyndsey are forthright about their problems and manage to find moments of humor amidst their struggles, while they gradually reconnect to the inner strength and resilience that have always defined them. Forever changed by their military service, the women adapt to find a new place in the civilian world.

Photographs will be taken at this event. Images may be used by newportFILM for promotional purposes. 

6:00 PM : Doors open, refreshments served
7:00 PM: Film with introductory remarks by Susan Sipprelle (Filmmaker) and Kasim J. Yarn (Director, Rhode Island Office of Veteran Services)
8:30 PM: Post film conversation with Rachael Garcia (Interim Assistant Director of Veterans Affairs and Military Programs at Rhode Island College) Laurie Harris, LICSW (Intimate Partner Violence Program Coordinator, Providence VA Medical Center), Amy Kane (Equal Opportunity Director, Rhode Island National Guard), Jennifer Marquis-Caruso (Chief Veterans Affairs, Rhode Island Office of Veteran Services) and Susan Sipprelle (Filmmaker)
Run time: 80 min
Director: Susan M. Sipprelle
Producer: Susan M. Sipprelle
Cast: Natasha Young; Staff Sergeant U.S. Marine Corps, Amanda Tejada; Sergeant U.S. Army, Lyndsey Lyons; 1st Lieutenant N.Y. Army National Guard
Soldier On: Life After Deployment
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