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This will be a donation-based virtual film streaming experience of the film RUNNER, available through Thursday, July 2nd at 11:59 EST.

Watch the Virtual Youtube Live Q&A with film subject Guor Mading Maker and the film’s director/producer Bill Gallagher.



When he was only eight, Guor Mading Maker (formally known as Guor Marial) ran from captivity in war-torn Sudan to eventually seek safety in the US. In his new life, Maker began running again, participating in high school track and field and eventually becoming a sensation and qualifying for the 2012 Olympics. But because the newly formed SouthSudan was not recognized by the International Olympic Committee, Maker had to fight to compete independently, refusing to run for Sudan and taking a stand against its oppression. RUNNER depicts Maker’s difficult and triumphant journey from refugee to a world-renowned athlete, told in intimate interviews with gorgeously animated flashbacks of Guor’s upbringing, and culminating in a heart-wrenching reunion with his parents after a 20-year separation. His story is a distinctly inspirational one in which the indomitable human spirit emerges against all odds

Run time: 88 mins
Director: Bill Gallagher
Producer: Bill Gallagher
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Watch the Virtual Q&A Here!

A powerfully inspirational tale that could tide you over until the next Olympics.

The Hollywood Reporter

Riveting, Enjoyable, and heart-wrenching from beginning to end.