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Nuclear Family is a three-part documentary series following filmmaker Ry Russo-Young as she turns the camera on her own past to explore the meaning of family. In the late 70s/early 80s, when the concept of a gay family was inconceivable to most, Ry and her sister Cade were born to two lesbian mothers through sperm donors. Ry’s idyllic childhood was threatened by an unexpected lawsuit which sent shockwaves through her family’s lives and continues to reverberate today.

The docuseries explores the extraordinary story of a first-generation lesbian family, from its origins in outlaw counterculture, to the mainstream court system’s attack on and ultimate defense of Ry’s and her moms’ rights and existence, ending in a landmark legal decision that would change the way gay families were perceived forever. At its heart, this story of epochal conflict is also a tale about empathy, as Ry investigates the ambitions and desires of her moms, her sperm donor, and all their allies and enemies as she struggles to hear and accept their divergent perspectives. In a world of deeply polarized thinking, the docuseries proposes a way of understanding conflict that resonates with anyone who struggles with issues unresolved within their own families, their own lives, and in our broader world.

NUCLEAR FAMILY is a Story Syndicate Production presented by Big Beach, Impact Partners and TopicStudios in association with BUNKER and SustainableFilms.
All three episodes are available with the RSVP
Editors: Ben Gold and Pisie Hochheim
Cinematographers: Christopher Lamarca, Harrison Schaaf and Jeff Venditi
Run time: 158 mins
Director: Ry Russo-Young
Producers: Ry Russo-Young, Dan Cogan and Warren Fischer
Nuclear Family
This is a past event

Turbulent and thought-provoking

- Variety

Incredibly, Intimately Personal

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