Incredible turnout for the David Crosby documentary. This is certainly a film we would like to bring to Newport. It delivers on all fronts. Amazing soundtrack and archival. A deep, honest look into the life of David Crosby.

“We’re all acquainted with archetypal rock bio-doc tropes: the unexpected rise to stardom, calamitous love affairs, a descent into drugs, and sober reflections from a leather armchair. Amazingly, David Crosby: Remember My Name adds astonishing new dimensionality and meaning to these familiar plot points. From frame one, David Crosby—of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash (and sometimes Young) fame—ushers us into depths of brutal honesty and self-examination that are almost never revealed on-screen.

With humor and bite, Crosby shares his rocky, 50-year journey as a musician and activist at the forefront of the California rock scene—from his Laurel Canyon days with Joni Mitchell and ecstatic performances with CSNY, to dark times in jail and regretful ruptures with beloved bandmates. Crosby’s willingness to bare shattering personal struggles powerfully combines with producer Cameron Crowe’s disarming interview style to unlock profound truths about our human ego and imperfection. As this twinkly-eyed septuagenarian with a beautiful voice and chronic illness heads back on the road to make a buck, what endures is the transformative nature of music and the possibility of loving unconditionally.”

– Sundance Catalog