cue the singing, clapping & dancing… “WE ARE FAMILY. i got all my….” (sorry – we had to). this month’s community spotlight is all about the love and support of others and not just for the holiday season. this organization is dedicated to giving and helping all year long…

WHO: child and family

WHAT: a private non-profit service provider devoted to helping rhode island residents in need since 1866. offering assistance to people of all ages, child and family aims to “strengthen families, their members, and the communities in which they live”. 

WHERE: 31 john clarke road, middletown, rhode island

WHY we love them: last year alone, they assisted over 6,000 individuals and their family support program had a 95% success rate in keeping families together and strong.

child and family stands on two core beliefs: that individuals and communities thrive when supported by strong families; and that a community works best when it accepts responsibility for all of its members. and it is with these principals that child and family leaves no person in need behind.

“whether a teen needs mentoring, a family can’t make rent or an elder wants to stay independent, child and family will find a solution,” says stephanie earp, institution advancement associate.

HOW you can help: they have the largest active volunteer program in newport county which is vital in sustaining their programs. if you want to join their team, hop over here:

from now through december 18, you can donate to child and family’s holiday giving program to support newport county families in need. to sign up, go to

also, check out thier brand spankin’ new website launched last month: