how to grow a band, a documentary about chris thile’s new group the punch brothers, will kick off the newport folk festival weekend this friday, july 29 at jane pickens theater at 8:30pm. singer-songwriter  chris thile was a mandolin prodigy and a teen superstar with the grammy-winning band nickel creek.  at 26, after selling two million records and getting divorced, thile needed a new start.  

the film follows the punch brothers, the bluegrass super-group thile recruits to rebuild his life.  an intimate portrait of world-class musicians on their first tour, the film highlights a 40-minute elegy to thile’s failed marriage and meditates on friendship, sacrifice, and the moment when young artists bear down and chase their dreams.

 there will be a q&a with the director, mark meatto, following the film.

chris thile will be also be performing on sunday at the newport folk festival.