Everyone knows newportFILM does raffle-ing right… Villas in St. Barths, private captained yacht excursions with friends, and priceless experiences like tickets to the legendary (impossible-to-get-tickets-to) Saturday Night Live (accompanied by chic hotel room from newportFILM year-round sponsor, Park South Hotel, & dinner to the award-winning Japanese restaurant, O-Ya) are just a few of the amazing prizes won over the past few years.

The lucky winners of 2016’s NYC/SNL experience decided to document just how amazing their prize really was (Thanks Bethany and Monica!)



11:00AM – Embarked on our 3.5 hour journey to the city. Bethany took the wheel, she’s a pro.

2:30PM – Arrived at our super swanky hotel, The Park South, dropped our bags in the room & then headed down to Convina Cafe, one of the yummy hotel restaurants for a quick latte & beautiful salad.

3:30PM – Shopping commenced along Madison Avenue to a favorite, ABC Carpet and Home, which was an insane shopping experience as it was all decked out for the holidays. Then we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our $400 sushi experience!

6:30PM – As if it weren’t enough to win SNL tickets & a complimentary stay at one of Midtown’s hippest hotels, we were also privlaged to indulge in dinner at the trendy O-Ya sushi. We each had the 18 course meal & more sake than we care to talk about. If this sounds insane, it was. Read why this spot is one of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine’s Top 10 Bucket List Restaurants Around The World. Each piece that was served was gorgeous, tasted amazing. The staff & sushi chefs were amazing.

9:30PM – Full & happy, we stumbled to bed to get our beauty sleep for tomorrow night’s SNL adventure (because you never know who we might run into there!).



8:30AM – Back at Covina Cafe for a delish farm fresh breakfast & beautiful lattes.

10:00AM – Hopped in a cab to Soho to explore some favorite streets the streets – Mott, Broome, Mercer, Prince – where we discovered some amazing clothing &  jewelry designers, as well as crossed off some early holiday shopping.

5:30PM – Arrived at Rockefeller Center for a dinner reservation at the Rock Center overlooking the skating rink. 

7:30PM – SNL! Our seats were over the top – front of balcony smack in the center. We could see everything: changing sets, actors prepping before walking on stage, lights, cameras, action!

8:00PM – The show began & we were beyond excited when we discovered that Alec Baldwin was the opening act. A guest appearance by Steve Martin was amazing, and even better… Kristen Wiig as the host! She was hysterical, to no surprise. Our favorite skit was Whiskers R We by Cat Ladies, Wiig & Kate McKinnon.

10:30PM – Buzzing but sleepy, we headed to back to the Park South for a drink and some shut-eye.


Thanks newportFILM for the weekend of a lifetime! You totally know how to create a magical raffle…

– Monica & Bethany