As the daffodils pop, Earth Day approaches. Going on its 49th year, Earth Day is a worldwide celebration of action and awareness held annually on April 22nd . Recognized by 192 countries, this year’s Earth Day theme is “Protect our Species”. With only one earth, ecological awareness is key to preserving and protecting what is left of our planet. As Earth Day approaches, both newportFILM and the town of Newport are here to celebrate Mother Nature.

On April 17th newportFILM screened The River and The Wall, an exploration of the unknown wilds of Texas and potential impacts that a boarder wall poses for the natural environment. Traveling 1,200 miles down the U.S.-Mexico Border, five friends experience the wilderness and immigration debate that is rocking the nation.

newportFILM will also be showing the environmentally friendly- film The Biggest Little Farm on April 25th in partnership with Aquidneck Land Trust and Aquidneck Community Table. The Biggest Little Farm follows Molly and John Chester’s journey to turn a depleted farm into an oasis for an array of plants and animals. Instead of talking about pollution or global warming, Biggest Little Farm focuses on the couple’s individual improvements through their own education and understanding of the environment that surrounds them. Packed with compassion and cute animals, Biggest Little Farm is a light-hearted approach to the horrors of a changing environment.

In order to reduce our environmental imprint, Newport and the rest of Aquidneck Island have banned the use of all single-use plastic bags. Along with bags, a movement for Newport to band plastic straws is prevailing with many businesses, including Newport Restaurant Group, joining Strawless by the Sea’s voluntary pledge.

Want to know the facts?
newportFILM is glad to partner with local organizations 11th Hour Racing, Aquidneck Land Trust, and Aquidneck Community Table, etc., and screen films about the impact of global warming, pollution, and conservation.  Past highlights include films, The Human Element, an intimate look at people in the face of climate change evoking a desire to change our environmental impact. Chasing Coral, a haunting look at the underwater heatwave that is killing the worlds coral reefs. And A Plastic Ocean, a mission to uncover the chilling truth about plastic pollution effects on our marine life.

Want to be a part of the moment for a healthy earth? On April 20th tag along with Clean Ocean Access for a beach cleanup on the Cliffwalk from 12pm-2pm.
On Earth Day, help the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center with their neighborhood cleanup from 11am-12pm. Following the cleanup, party at O’Brien’s Pub with the Greenlove Foundation’s “Earth Day Everyday” 2nd annual celebration from 6pm-8pm.

Continue the celebration the following week with Save the Bay for their Earth Day Birthday Celebration on April 27th 10am-4pm at the Save the Bay Exploration Center and Aquarium. Hungry? Visit the Aquidneck Growers Market Saturday, April 20th for fresh, local grown food from 9am-12:30pm at Newport Vineyards.

Miss newportFILM’s screenings? Rent past films by becoming a newportFILM member and borrowing them through our Lending Library.

Written by Jillian Brooks-Duval, newportFILM Spring 2019 Intern